This website represents the combination of two separate projects, funded separately by

1. The Commonwealth Government under the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects scheme (LP160100067), with additional funding provided by Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, Lives Lived Well and Australian Rechabites Foundation, and in-kind support from Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, and

2. The Queensland Government

ARC Linkage Grant

The QUANTEM project is aligned with a Linkage Grant funded by the Australian Research Council. The Linkage Grant includes investigators from many Australian universities, including Deakin UniversityThe University of QueenslandJames Cook UniversityCurtin UniversityThe University of NewcastleMonash University, and Latrobe University. There are also four partner investigators: The Foundation for Alcohol Research and EducationLives Lived WellTurning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, and the Australian Rechabite Foundation

Queensland Government tender

In addition, and subsequent to, the original ARC Linkage grant, members of the core research team (excluding partner investigators) successfully bid for a tender released by the Queensland government to evaluate the Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence legislation. This tender is shorter in duration and allows for the addition of specific components and sites not included in the original ARC grant. The existence of the ARC grant allows for significant savings in terms of the overall budget, and a much more comprehensive project to investigate the trends and drivers associated with the TAFV legislation.